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About Daily Deliberations

Daily Deliberations will give peeks into my Work In Progress novels and how the worlds my characters live in came to be.  Here are the categories I’ve set up so you can navigate through my blog without getting lost.

Worldbuilding: Every character needs a place to live.  Some are pure fantasy like the Erde of The Myth of Kyrrell Swamp and The Block. The research that went into construction of this world took over 20 years to manifest itself into a usable, realistic world with both a past and a future.  However, don’t think the fantasy town of Quaker Valley I dropped into eastern Pennsylvania for Bobbie and Me took any less work and consideration.  A fantasy town surrounded by real communities brings challenges of its own.  My final novel, Trailer Trash, set in the actual town of Apache Junction, Arizona, also presented its own challenges.  Although I’ve driven through it many times, I do not have knowledge of the back alleys and the people who populate this desert berg on the southeastern edge of the Valley of the Sun.  Fortunately, I had the help of my co-author, Marcia Ellen Beevre who lived there her whole life.

The Myth of Kyrrell Swamp: Set in central Erde, Myth includes scenes set in Uppsala, the center of the great empire of the same name.  It is also set in Thelra, a small Vigroth village that sits on the edge of Rigga Sea and just inside the dangerous Kyrrell Swamp.  The travels of protagonist Ahllie and her Lobot Cord and antagonist Captain  Benjamin Spooner Briggs include visits to other communities as well, such as Selga – a river port along the Selgen River and Hummel – a great trading center off the Riga Sea and only city in Erde not controlled by the Uppsala Empire.  The first chapter covers the birth of Ahllie in Thelra.  The second chapter brings Briggs to Uppsala where he is trained to accept the differences between where he came from and where he now resides.

The Block: The Empire has a unique way to handle debtors.  They end up at the infamous Block in Uppsala to be sold to the highest bidder to work off their debt.  This novel traces the plight of the Farmer family of the village of Lexington in the Rejoinder of Aingland.  Chapter one covers how the administrative of works of debt collection gets started.  Chapter two covers bringing the options to the Farmer family.

Bobbie and Me: A romance/chicklit novel about life after graduation in the small town of Quaker Valley, Pennsylvania, during the late 1960s.  In chapter one, Rick works up the courage to ask Bobbie to sign his yearbook.  In chapter two, Bobbie asks Rick a question that knocks his socks off.

Trailer Trash: The story of the Beevre family of Apache Junction, Arizona.  Chapter one covers the father, Harry Beevre, and the various mothers.  Chapter two covers the childhood of Happy Beevre and her older sister, Lucky.

Other categories may be added in the future and off course there will be times when I must skip a day or two.  In that case I’ll continue soon after the last post.  I like to post at one minute after midnight about every other day, but that doesn’t always happen either.  I’m not a particular friend of deadlines, but I’ll try to be prompt.  If I haven’t posted by 4:00 pm on a certain day, I most likely will not post that day.  I appreciate your understanding.  Thanks.

You can reach me at yarnspnr@gmail.com if you have any questions or would like to discuss anything about my work.




1. sputnitsa - August 17, 2009

Hey there. Posting everyday even without other responsibilities and pressures is tough enough on a soul!

I hope this new format fits the groove of your life better.

I’m looking forward to your upcoming posts. 🙂 And good luck writing!

2. Yarnspnr - August 17, 2009

Thank you Sputnitsa. I’ve always hated the evils of deadlines. This is much more comfortable now. I have more time to write and more time to comment on other writer’s blogs. Thanks for stopping by!!

3. sputnitsa - July 8, 2010

Hi there again!

I hope you’re well–it’s been a while since you posted. Stay cool this summer…and keep writing 🙂

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