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The Myth of Kyrrell Swamp – Chapter 1 Part 5 September 4, 2009

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History is a cyclic poem
Written by Time
Upon the memories of man.

Percy Bysshe Shelley

CHAPTER I.5:  Birthin’ in Thelra

© D. Erick Emert


With these words, Thelra’s Elder married the newborn baby to members of the Lobot Cord. Only one Lobot had been born previous to this, a boy, birthed over a full season before. This baby girl became the second. Their numbers would grow to eight over the next four Times, five girls, and three boys, this being the usual ratio of men to women born to the Vigroth tribes of the Weald.  Her Cord brothers and sisters would be her mates.  Mistakes in matching never occurred.

At the word “ranish” a roar went up from the assembled people.  The drumming started again, this time spreading the happy message of birth throughout the southern Weald. People slapped Gilrrie and Scakkif on the back and hugged Jalleli, Kariessie, Trachhie, Ciattie, and Gauggan.  Others whooped and still others danced in circles.

Elder Biccata lifted his hand for silence once more. Again he addressed his people, this time relating a seldom voiced firetale:

“Soon after, the Maker cracked Erde;
Back when the Great Weald
Flexed its selfs ta be rid a its pain;
We Vigroth would be birthed outta the Secret Place
N inta the land where we now live.
With new bodies – more like animals.

The eyes of the villagers opened in wonder. Why did this birth cause their Elder to recite a story saved for special occasions? Had he heard something in the baby when he listened for its Cord affiliation?  The Elder continued:

“Life proved unsubmis’ive ta us
In this new cracked world.
So Juist, our Mother, sent ta us
Sammins, Owatachhe, Racchela n Kallam,
Who would instruct us
On how ta survive in the land”.

The faces of his people reflected their awe when they heard the names of the Circle gods and goddesses. Fathers lifted up their little ones so they could see the intensity which Elder Bicatta showed as he continued his discourse:

“Racchela came in urgency
N brought with her the gift a fire
Ta provide warmth from the cold
N ta cook the food we ate.
Vital this boon would prove ta be
Which Racchela graced us with that day.”

Everyone nodded in agreement. Where would they be without the gift of fire? Some eyes traveled over to the huge community blaze, which still flamed to mark their celebration of the new birth.

“Next Kallam came upon our people.
We journeyed ta places high in the Corrins
He showed us where the wammac lay hidden.
Now our knives would be sharp;
Our shafts would pen’trate n kill quick.
We praised Kallam for his gift.”

In the boot or strapped to the side of each individual a heavy wammac knife could be found sheathed. Hands glided down and touched them as the Elder mentioned Kallam’s gift.

“From Owatachhe we received
The twin gifts a voice n language.
No longer would we speake with our minds.
Our mouths could now make thought sounds.
The DeepChat she placed inta our souls.
High in value we hold the gifts
Owatachhe brought.”

Again nods and low murmurs of thanks to Owatachhe rose from the collected villagers. The DeepChat, a special mark of their race, enabled the remarkable ability of Vigroth Cord members to enter into the souls of selected brothers and sisters to converse.

“At the last, Sammins came ‘mongst us.
From him we learnt ta stroke the Universe
Ta travel agen without our new bodies.
He showed us Quatalla, the Land a Heroes
N taut us phys’cal n spir’tual law.
From Sammins we gained our balance.

Another strange ability of this people, to leave their physical bodies while asleep and travel through the spiritual plane anywhere they had already been. The people mumbled Sammins’ name in thanks as Biccata recited this passage.

Now this ageless people,
Forged by the will a its Maker,
Gifted by Spirit n the Great Teacher,
Stands on this cracked n broken land.
We will not give inta it.
We will survive.”

Shouts again filled the air as Elder Biccata kissed the baby and handed her back to Jalleli, smiling. The villagers drank from latzu gourds, filled with a frothy beverage. Voices carrying songs of honor and bravery coursed through the night air. The revelry continued well into the next day.

The admiring throng surrounded Gilrrie, Jalleli, and their infant. Each of their Cord took turns showing off the newborn child. People laughed and shared stories as the excitement of new life lifted their spirits and hopes. It strengthened them. As the latzu flowed you could hear one after the other repeat, “Lec hojasoc!” (We are one!) or “Lec lona ranish!” (We will survive!) while slapping each other on the back.

Jalleli found a seat and made herself comfortable as her village celebrated around her. Exhausted, she soon asked Kariessie to accompany her back to their stead. Trachhie and the baby followed a short time afterward. Members of Vigroth Cords all lived together with their children in the same stead.



1. sputnitsa - September 5, 2009

! Oh my gosh! I fell into my new job/move vortex for a couple of days and look how much you’ve updated!

I’m coming back once I have my first full night’s sleep behind me, and I can savor your story by the crisp dawn serenade I look forward to each day. I go to sleep knowing I’ve got an awesome read to look forward to in the morning 🙂

2. Yarnspnr - September 5, 2009

Good to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by! Yeah, I’ve been posting a new section every other day at midnight. I broke the chapters up because they’re approximately 5,275 each – too much for the web. Tonight’s post will be the last section of Chapter 1. I’ll start posting Chapter 2 at Midnight between Monday and Tuesday.

The reason I’m posting here is because I’m looking for a bit of feedback from non fantasy readers. I’ve tried to make this appeal to as many reader types as possible. The biggest problem I’ve had is the opening. Should Chapter 2 or 1 be first. As it is now, Chapter 2 is written in flashback. If it were Chapter 1 I would not need the flashbacks but could just start at the beginning. 118 years earlier than the present Chapter 1. Unfortunately, if I did that, I’d be opening with the coming of the antagonist rather than the birth of the protagonist. Somehow, that didn’t seem right. You’ll see what I mean if you read Chapter 2.

Again, thanks a lot. Hope you get squared away quickly so you can get back to writing again. You never did (since I came here) mention what kind of story you’re working on. I’d like to know. 🙂

3. sputnitsa - September 7, 2009

Interesting, so once Chapter Two is up, we can give some feedback on that 🙂

And thanks. It’s insanely busy here; if I think about it, I’ll go mental. 🙂

In terms of my book, it’s a tale of a magical artifact that connects some modern day folks with a medieval mystery. I’m maybe half way through the first draft. 🙂 🙂

It’s fun, you know, in the midst of all this, to remember my story, which I’ve had to put aside for this week, what with all the moving, packing, planning, shopping, etc. 🙂 So thank you for reminding me 🙂

4. Yarnspnr - September 8, 2009

Feeback? Absolutely! But don’t feel you must wait until the entire chapter is posted.

I’m glad to remind you of your story. I look forward to hearing more about it. Thanks!!

5. sputnitsa - September 8, 2009

🙂 🙂

Thank you. 🙂

6. Yarnspnr - September 8, 2009

You’re very much welcome. I am happy to find another fantasy fiction author here! 🙂

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