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Worldbuilding 3 – Maps July 30, 2009

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So now I’ve nailed down how my story will begin.  A survivor of a Bermuda Triangle story ends up in a mirror world called Erde.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to use disappearance of the captain and crew of the Mary Celeste.  That gives me a start date of early December 1872.  This means that 4,873 years have passed on Erde since the first OutSider appeared.  It also means that our present date would sit at 5,009 years passed.  The Erde of my story will take place during that 136 year stretch.

It’s time for a map.  Hey, map making is fun.  My first attempt at a map appears above.  I drew it by hand on graph paper.  It gave me some idea of what I wanted to do, but in no way was it compatible with my story.  It looked a bit like Australia, but Erde is larger than that.  It’s about the size of both Europe and Asia together.  So back to the drawing board.  This time I gave up on my freehand version because I now owned a computer with a major art program on it.  The final map of Erde looks like this:


Remember, this is the Erde of 1872 our time.  It is not ancient Erde, which would have looked much different.  For instance, the large forest would have stretched from the mountains, westward to the coast running from north to south.  The woodlands would rescind as time moved forward.  I needed some names for what I was looking at.  The southern ocean area I called ‘Rigga Sea.’  I used the term ‘Weald’ for the forested area.  ‘Weald’ is an old English term for ‘forest.’  For the long mountainous area, the continental divide, I used a native term – ‘Corrins.’  I was happy.  Things were starting to flesh out a bit.

Now I needed to think about countries.  I knew that countries and borders would have changed over the years, much like the forest did.  I needed to outline a history now so I could see how Erde had progressed from wilderness to the sophisticated ‘rejoinders’ found in Erde in 1872.  An outline would have been good enough.  It would allow me to drop my characters into any time and place and maintain the continuity. When it came time to flesh out an area with a story, I could slip the stories into dated files that would allow me to refer to characters or places at any future time.

Now it was time to tuck the OutSiders, their kin, and the Natives into Erde.  We’ll cover this next week.



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