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Worldbuilding 2 – People July 23, 2009

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Last week I spoke about the foundation for my story – the idea I went in with.  Imagine if you will, two similar worlds connected spiritually by water.  People disappear from one and end up in the other.  All this is based on the Bermuda Triangle stories.  Okay.  I have this to work with.  Now I need to delve into those questions I spoke about.  What kind of people live in this mirror world I called Erde?  This is what I came up with:

Originally, before people from Earth came, Erde was populated by natives – tribes of aboriginal hunters and gatherers with their own forms of religion, languages, and societies.  It was much like America before the coming of the white man.  Then the OutSiders began showing up.  People from Earth that found themselves washing up on the shores of a new world not knowing where they were or how they got there, other than they thought they’d drowned.  Finally, as these people grew more numerous they had children, producing a third group of people who bore the name of the region they lived in.

The natives had an average life span of about 30-40 years.  The people born in Erde of OutSider parents lived about 50-75 years.  But the OutSiders themselves lived between 800-900 years unless, of course, they met an unnatural death for some reason.  If an OutSider managed to get back to Earth somehow, they lived their normal three-score and fifteen year lifespan again.  If a native or a child of Erde managed to get to Earth, they lived 800-900 years here.  There has never been a record of someone from Erde coming to Earth though.

The next decision I had to make was the time period to set my story.  Obviously if OutSiders had been coming to Erde and reproducing for thousands of years, Erde would be a lot different than when they first started showing up.  The beauty of what I had so far was that I could pull stories from any time period and fit it into the land appropriate for that time in Erde’s history.  Of course I needed to outline that history because it would have changed dramatically as the OutSiders became more prevalent.  Obviously, as you moved along the historical time line, people and places would be different. The question became, when did the OutSiders first start showing up?

The Bermuda Triangle stories go back to about the time of Christopher Columbus.  But I figured people started disappearing from Earth about the time of the first ocean going vessels.  Historically, this would take us back to around 3,000 B.C. when the Egyptians began sailing in the Mediterranean.  So now I had a time frame of when the first OutSiders started showing up in Erde.  Now all I had to do was decide when along Erde’s time line I wanted to set my first story.  We’ll get into that next week.



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